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Mandatory suicide for nazi cops

– I didn't see Slayer.
– What happened?
– Well, I got thrown out?
– What the fuck, why!?!
– It's a long and a sad story.
So started a conversation on Sunday 11th of August 2013 in Oulu, Finland, after the 11th Jalometalli metal festival had ended.
What I heard was a story of dedication and a dream – that was shattered by Finnish National Bureau of Investigation, NBI (Keskusrikospoliisi) a few hours before two brothers favorite band was about to perform, SLAYER.

The 42-year old man had seen the lot. He had seen his 44-year old big brother hooked on heroin and in a really bad shape for many, many years.  The worse for wear his older brother was, the more the younger brother had to look after him.
The tattoos, scars and the lost teeth told a revealing tale of a hard life lived for many, many years as a junkie and initially a lost case.
– I was in a really bad shape for awhile, but now I'm a lot better, he proclaims proudly for his fellow travellers on their approx 650+ kilometer long bus ride to their destination.
There they were now, on a journey to Oulu to see their absolute favorite band of all time, SLAYER. The dedication of the 44-year old could be understood of the colour on his skin at his left forearm.
There it was inked bright red and large, the good old classic Slayer logo.

For the occasion, big brother had printed his own Slayer-shirt, a grey t-shirt with a Hanneman-logo as a tribute for the late Slayer axeman, Jeff Hanneman.
Tonight the brothers are going to see their favorite band, SLAYER!
– It's a true miracle that I am alive and here to see SLAYER, the older brother boasts.
– Fucking SLAYER!
It's not a wake but a celebration of life, thrash metal and survival from death's door!
To remember the fallen, to remember Jeffrey John Hanneman as well

– Do you remember when we watched this video? This is The Ultimate Revenge from 1985, with Slayer, Exodus and Venom, big brother said to the younger one as the 28 year old DVD of the show rolled on the TV screen of the bus.
The brothers cheers their beer cans and share their bottle of brandy as the bus roars on  the highway. Tonight it's gonna be a helluva party with SLAYER!
The older brother is getting more wasted by every mile closer to Oulu. If he doesn't watch out, it will be no Slayer for him tonight.
– So he got too wasted then? Got too drunk and got thrown out?
– Nope.
– But why did they kick you, I ask the younger brother.
– That's a good question.

At the festival entrance the brothers are set for security control. Normal procedure. After all, someone could smuggle booze or other harmful objects to the site.
– What is this, the security officer asks the older brother.
In her hand she holds a small tin box with a lock.
The brothers start to explain that she is holding the older brothers' methadone. Methadone, that he has a prescription for from the doctors and is fully legal. Medicine for an old drug addict.
– Here, look at the prescriptions, the brothers are explaining.
Nevertheless, the box will be kept in the cloakroom nevertheless, locked and tucked away from outsiders.
– Is there a problem, the younger brother asks.

As the brothers walk to the cloakroom to hand over their personal belongings for safekeeping, they are being approached by two security guards as well as two civilians. When they approach, one of the civilians picks out his wallet and hands over a card.
– Finnish National Bureau of Investigation, NBI.
The younger brother laughs. What the fuck is this? A joke?
One of the bouncers have seemingly alerted other security guards to inform that there are two tattooed men trying to enter the festival area with illegal substances.
The NBI agents are measuring the methadone bottles and going through the prescriptions to find a reason to place the brothers under arrest.
They find none.

In the end they decide to book the older brother "for possible intent to sell".
The younger brother is getting annoyed and furious. They have travelled all this hours to see their lifetime favorite band, but are being fucked over by the authorities.
– Hey you, boy, you should really tone it down or we will book you too for obstructing the justice, the younger NBI agent blusters.
– Hey there, don't boy me, you fucker, I'm probably older than you. When you pay me a weekly allowance, then you can boy me.
The younger brother is pissed.
– OK, the agents tell the festival security.
– We will book the older brother, but you should make sure that you don't let this guy enter the festival area tonight.
What the fuck is this? What did the brothers do wrong? They were following all legal rules, they had all legal documents and at no time they were trying to obstruct justice!
After all, they were only here to see their all-time favorite band, SLAYER.

So the older brother leaves the festival handcuffed whereas the younger man is left dumbfounded outside the festival entrance.
What the fuck just happened?
The younger brother is trying to reason with the security guards. After all, he has no record of criminal activity and has never been involved with drugs.
– Well, we would very much like to let you in, but you heard what the agents said. If we let you in and they will find out, we will be harassed and facing trouble, one doorman says, apologetically.

– This is why we didn't see Slayer, the younger brother tells me as he makes an ironic smile.
– Fuck. Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck, I burst. I find no better words for the situation.
I'm truly sorry for the brothers and very pissed by the heartless arrogance of the insensitive Finnish authorities, who in this case seemed to use arbitary power with artificial indictments.
And then they wonder why some policemen are being hailed as nazi cops.
So next time you read an article from a Finnish newspaper – from any newspaper for that matter – telling how many drug-related arrests the police made during a festival, just keep in mind there might be more to the story than just the few lines tucked into a few paragraphs.

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